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    Willing Ouchi

    Puyang Willing Ouchi Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a Sino-Japanese joint venture, was established in August 2003, is a joint venture held by Puyang Willing Chemicals Co., Ltd., Japan Ouchishinko Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.and MEISEI & Co.,Ltd.

    Ouchi Shinko Chemical Co., Ltd. is a Japan rubber chemicals producers with an annual turnover of 100 million U.S. dollars, and with 70 years old, is one of Asia's largest rubber chemicals producers, with its advanced technology and management enjoyed a high reputation in Asia and even the world, also is an important strategic partner of the major tire factory in the world.Ming Shing Trading Company is a trading company specialized in international trade in chemicals with the annual turnover more than $500 millions, and its sales network throughout the world. Puyang Willing Ouchi Chemical Co., Ltd. specializing in the production and sales of rubber processing aids, which mainly service in the tire and rubber processing industry. The registered capital of $ 8,000,000 ,China Willing held 51% shares, the Japanese Ouchi and Ming Shing separately 44% and 5% of the shares. 15,000 tons of annual output of thiazoles classes and Sulfonamides, and the annual turnover is more than 300 million RMB. The most important feature of the joint venture: Based on Puyang city resources advantage and Willing good talent, totally leaded Ouchi rubber accelerator chemical synthesis technology?¢product pelleting shape-up technology ?¢engineering and management technology and standard and environmental protection technology, Meanwhile with the help of Japan Ouchi good brand and MingShing international sales network, and with the same enterprise value and culture of the three parties, all that achieve its core competitiveness, and make its competitive advantage to bring it forward.

    Puyang Willing Ouchi Chemical Co.,Ltd. It is very important to promote the development of China's rubber chemicals industry, because of Japan's large internal investment in production technology as well as management of the joint venture, it is lacking in the rubber chemicals industry , especially the cleaning process to produce accelerator DM, CBS, NOBS and NS ,granulation technology and environmental technology products have quite advancement; After nearly 10 years development, gradually confirmed the company's technology and management level of development potential as well as the product's market share. I believe Willing Ouchi Chemical Co., Ltd. in the future will be to further enhance the technological advances in the industry, occupies an important position in the domestic and international rubber chemicals industry.


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