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    Chemical name:N,N'-4,4'-Diphenylene-Bismalemide
    Molecular Formula:C21H14N2O4
    Molecular weight:

    Molecular weight:358.37
    CAS NO.13676-54-5


    Gifted class



    Pale yellow crystal powder

    Pale yellow crystal powder




    Initial melting point 



    Acid Value

    ≤1.0 mgKOH/g

    ≤5.0 mgKOH/g

    Thermal toluene solubility


    Full dissolved trace

    Heat loss






    properties:Appearance is light yellow crystal powder, soluble in dimethyl formamide, dimethyl acetamide, dimethyl sulfoxide with strong polar solvent, partially soluble in acetone, ethylene dichloride, cresol solvent; with many nucleophiles such as amines, phenols, hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans are addition copolymerization; can also be simultaneously with several compounds for copolymerization, blending modification.

    Using characteristic:The goods are under high and low temperature (-200℃ to 260℃ ),which can give the materials outstanding mechanical properties, high electrical insulation, abrasion resistance, anti-aging and anti-chemical corrosion, radiation resistant, hardly volatile in high vacuum, and excellent adhesion resistance, humidity resistance and oil-free self-lubricity, a variety of polymer materials and new rubber excellence modifiers, but also as the coupling agent and a curing agent of the other polymer compound. Good miscibility with various fillers, and with kinds of fibers have a good wettability, adhesion and covering. It is easy to machine-shaping during a specialty polymer materials, and can mould pressed, laminated, injection molding, dipping. especially in large and thick non-insulating parts of the pores.

    Applications area:Over the years,Bismaleimide BMI is as the manufacture of heat-resistant structural materials, the ideal resin matrix in a H grade or F grade electrical insulating materials, becoming more widely used in aviation, aerospace, electrical, electronics, computer, communication,slocomotive railway, construction and other industrial fields. :
    1.Motor insulation materials Impregnated with high temperature resistant paint (solvent-based and solvent-free), wire enamels, laminate, with no latitude, mica tape, electronic CCL, molded plastic, epoxy-modified F to H level powder coatings, castings;
    2. Advanced composite material matrix resin aerospace Aerospace structural materials, carbon fibers, high temperature structural parts, high-grade printed wiring board and other functional materials, etc.;
    3. Engineering Plastics Polypropylene PP, nylon PA, ABS, APC, the of PVC, PBT, EPDM, of PMMA materials enhanced modifier, crosslinking agent, and a new rubber vulcanization agent;
    4. Wear-resistant materials Such as diamond grinding wheel, heavy-duty wheel, brake pads, high temperature bearings binder, magnetic materials, etc.;
    5. Others Fertilizer generated (ammonia) machinery and equipment without oil lubrication, dynamic static sealing materials and many other high-tech fields.

    Package:Kraft paper bag or cardboard barrels.25kg/bag(barrel)

    Storage:Period stored in a dry, well-ventilated warehouse, away from heat, sources of ignition, avoid sunlight.


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